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  Sandhills MOAA : Never Stop Serving Leadership: Sandhills Officers

Serving the Sandhills Chapter

2023 Officers

Sandhills Chapter of MOAA has a dedicated group of officers and directors that provide leadership and guidance to our membership.

President – Walt Havenstein, Sr.

1st Vice President – Ramsey Banks

2nd Vice President – Don Goss

Secretary – Mike Oriet

Treasurer – Bill Taylor

Past President – Drew Croucher

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Board of Directors

Iggi Husar – Public Relations & Webmaster

Drew Croucher – JROTC & JROTC Scholarship Fund

Nick Christopher – Director

Robyn Dadig - Director

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Contact the Board

If you would like to reach our leadership team or specific program, you can use the following email addresses:

President / Chapter Management – President@sandhillsmoaa.org

1st Vice President / Luncheons and Dinners – 1VP@sandhillsmoaa.org

2nd Vice President / Memorial and Veterans Day – 2VP@sandhillsmoaa.org

Secretary / Correspondence, Meeting Minutes and Membership & Membership Renewals – Secretary@sandhillsmoaa.org

Treasurer / Dues Payment and Financials – Treasurer@sandhillsmoaa.org

JROTC & JROTC Scholarship – Scholarship@sandhillsmoaa.org

Publicity and Newsletter – info@sandhillsmoaa.org

Website and Social Media – info@sandhillsmoaa.org

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