Veteran Golfer Association To Open “Clubhouse” In Pinehurst

The Veteran Golfers Association (VGA) has been headquartered in Pinehurst since planting its flag and hosting its first National Championship at Pinehurst Resort, in 2015.
The VGA looks forward to flying it’s flag in the Village of Pinehurst for many years to come. In mid-May, they will celebrate the Grand Opening of the VGA “Clubhouse,” in the Village of Pinehurst, at 100 Magnolia Rd, Suite 101.
VGA encourages you to watch for the announcement of the Opening.  ALL golfers — Veterans and non-veterans alike — are invited to visit the Clubhouse and enjoy the unique offerings.
Nationally, VGA has grown to more than 3,500 members in 44 states, and will soon expand internationally to Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.  VGA membership includes Veterans, combat-wounded Veterans and their families.
To see how VGA is impacting Veterans and their families through the game of golf, access this short video:
To find out more about the Veteran Golfers Association, go to

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