CALL TO ACTION – From MOAA NC Council of Chapters on behalf of the 4th Branch


Message from the 4th Branch –

You may have seen or heard it in the news – your elected North Carolina legislators are bypassing the usual state budget process and rules. Instead, they are finalizing a state budget right now, behind closed doors, with little opportunity for public input or debate. If you want a say about your retirement benefits, you must take action now!

Please take a few minutes to send your elected legislators a message to urge them to stop taxing ALL government retirees’ hard-earned retirement benefits. Some military, federal, state and local retirees pay state income tax on their benefits and some do NOT – as a result of a court case called the “Bailey Settlement.” The 4th Branch believes the tax should be eliminated for ALL government employees, regardless of when they started work or retire.

Click on the following link to find a pre-written letter to your legislator that you can personalize if you’d like.

Don’t wait – next week will be too late!

Click the link below to log in and send your message:

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